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Thanksgiving, by definition, is a time to give thanks. A time to celebrate family, good friends, and great food. A time to take comfort in tradition. Thanksgiving is about coming together and it’s also about food. Nothing symbolizes Thanksgiving tradition better than the Thanksgiving turkey! A long favoured centerpiece of Thanksgiving dinner, the golden, roasted turkey remains the star of most North American Thanksgiving feasts – and for good reason.

Besides Thanksgiving wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without turkey!

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Here’s a few of our favourite Thanksgiving Recipes:

Deliciously Simple Herb Roasted Turkey Oven Roasted Turkey Rub
Slow Cooked Turkey Roast with
Orange Cranberry Sauce
Rustic Italian Stuffed Turkey Breast
Recipe Recipe Recipe Recipe


Cranberry, Turkey and Candied
Pecan Salad
Turkey Pomegranate Salad
with Bacon and Toasted Walnuts
Slow Cooked Turkey Roast with
Orange Cranberry Sauce
Classic Turkey Sausage Stuffing
Recipe Recipe Recipe Recipe


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