Turkey in Our Local Communities

Manitoba Turkey Producers partnered with Exceldor Cooperative to donate $10,000 worth of local turkey to the province’s South East Helping Hands food banks. As the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic continue to be felt, food insecurity remains high and the demands on local food banks has increased significantly.

“Thousands of families across Manitoba have been affected greatly due to the pandemic, including those in our rural communities,” said Rachelle Brown, Chair, Manitoba Turkey Producers. “We’re very excited to be partnering with Exceldor Cooperative and working with our farmers to be putting back locally produced turkey into our communities who need it most.”

About the Donation
Between Exceldor Cooperative and Manitoba Turkey producers, over 575 whole frozen turkeys to three food banks were donated, which each weigh between 4-5 kg. The turkeys were sourced and delivered from the Exceldor Cooperative/Granny’s Poultry plant in Blumenort, Mb.

Supporting local and aiding those friends, families, and neighbours during these uncertain times is what this initiative is focused on. Several of our farmers live and farm turkeys in the area that South East Helping Hands servers. On top of this, all of our farmers sell their birds to Granny’s Poultry Plant, which is another small community found in the area South East Helping Hands serves.

About South East Helping Hands
South East Helping Hands is an organization that supports several food banks underneath its umbrella. The turkey donation supports the following food banks:

• South East Helping Hands (Steinbach, St. Anne & Area)
• Niverville Helping Hands (Niverville & Area)
• Grunthal Caring Hands (Grunthal & Area)

All of these wonderful food banks work together to cover a vast area around South East Manitoba. Combined, they serve over 500 families in 25 plus communities across over 700 square miles.

“Niverville Helping Hands was ecstatic to hear that we were chosen as one of the local food hampers to receive a donation of Turkeys. This is a massive help to our clients,” said Lillis Corriveau, Chair, Niverville Helping Hands. “Since Covid-19 we have moved to strictly a non-perishable hamper. Having properly packaged, inspected and frozen meat allows our clients to use the grocery vouchers we provide them to purchase fresh veggies, bread and cheese or whatever else they are lacking. It helps make both the hampers and vouchers go further.”

Great Tastes of Manitoba
On June 24th, the day the donation occurred, Great Tastes of Manitoba filmed the events that took place. They filmed for most of the day and captured the whole story of our donation. This footage will be developed into a Before the Plate episode that will air on CTV. This turkey themed episode, along with the donation footage, will air on October 10th, so make sure to set your PVR!