Drop the Puck with Manitoba Turkey Producers PLUCKO 2021!

The Winnipeg Ice has kicked off their 2021-2022 season and Manitoba Turkey Producers are looking forward to their 68 regular-season games of our local Western Hockey League team. Everyone is sure to see many whistle blows, power plays and epic goals that are sure to impress all viewers tuning in or in-person cheering them on. For those in the audience during the 34 home games this season, there will be more than one kind of ‘puck drop.’

Manitoba Turkey Producers is excited to partner with Winnipeg Ice and introduce Plucko! Similar to the very popular ‘Plinko’ game found on the famous TV show, The Price is Right, a hockey fan is chosen from the audience and once the puck drops into one of three Manitoba Turkey Trivia categories, the fan will need to answer a true or false question, all about turkey. Win or lose, the correct answer is shown to the audience and they are sent home with a Manitoba Turkey Prize package.

Want a chance to play? Grab tickets to one of the 34 family-friendly Winnipeg Ice home hockey games by clicking here.