3 Reasons This Dietitian Pairs Turkey and Veggies

The dietitian in me loves an excuse to pack in extra veggies wherever I can, and cooking with turkey makes it easy. Turkey and veggies just go together – like peanut butter and jam or stir fry and chili crisp.

Here are three reasons why this dietitian loves this “dynamic duo” combo:


  1. Hello Deliciousness!

As a dietitian, I promote healthy eating (of course!) but nutritious food must also be delicious. And so, I’m happy to say that turkey’s fabulous flavour pairs deliciously with all your favourite veggie dishes, from salads to power bowls, stir fry and more!

This Hot Honey Turkey Stir Fry with Toasted Almonds is a prime example – it uses veggies like broccoli, cabbage, and red pepper, with lean turkey breast. The hot honey drizzle adds a hint of sweet and citrus for mouth-watering yumminess. I think this dish would be perfect to show your mom some love with a delicious and nourishing meal on Mother’s Day!

Turkey teams up with veggies in this Sheet Pan Madras Turkey with Sweet Potato and Cauliflower for a super tasty meal; the bold spices borrowed from South Asian cuisine create fabulous flavour. With the simplicity of sheet pan cooking, it makes for an easy and nourishing weeknight meal. I love that it’s also customizable to other veggies you may have on hand like potato, peppers, and broccoli, which makes it great for a fridge cleanup day.


2. Longer Lasting Mealtime Satisfaction

The combination of turkey and veggies makes for an energizing and satisfying combo; this comes from the lean protein and healthy fat found in turkey, along with the fill-you-up fibre found in veggies.

This Mediterranean Turkey Nourish Bowl with Lemony Vinaigrette is a great option to prep ahead for lunches during the week to keep you fueled through your work day. You can eat it hot or cold, making it ideal for at home or to enjoy at the office.

Let’s not forget about breakfast! Make these Turkey and Vegetable Crustless Mini Quiches for a grab and go option on busy mornings. I love that this recipe is freezer-friendly, and the mini quiches are easy to heat up and enjoy in a pinch.


3. Better Together (aka Nutritional Synergy)

Nutritionally speaking, turkey and veggies are better together – that’s because each provides their own unique package of nutrients, so you get a wider variety of nutrients in each bite. For example, turkey provides nutrients like protein and vitamin B12, as well as highly absorbable zinc and iron, while veggies provide nutrients like vitamin C, antioxidants, and gut-friendly fibre.

To get a little extra nutrition nerdy (because what kind of dietitian would I be otherwise!), let’s talk about the nutrient-boosting power of this dynamic duo! Eating turkey and vegetables together actually helps your body to absorb some nutrients. For example, eating turkey can help your body to absorb more of the iron found in veggies. And the vitamin C in veggies – like cabbage and peppers in that stir fry above – helps you absorb more of the iron from the turkey. Win-win!

With warmer weather and BBQ season here, it’s an ideal time to pair your favourite local veggies with turkey, like in this Grilled Pesto Turkey Breast with Summer Veggie Pasta Salad and this Grilled Turkey Thighs with Charred Veggies – both are perfect for long weekend patio parties.

For more nourishing meal inspiration featuring turkey and veggies, this free downloadable PDF of the Nourish to Flourish booklet features tasty meals your family will love.

Happy healthy eating,