Heavy Metal Detoxing

Every now and then, a media outlet shares a heavy metal poisoning or toxicity story and everyone jumps on it.







The Sunshine Vitamin

Many of us think of vitamin D as the friendly sunshine vitamin, and also important for bone health.  As both of these statements are true, the vitamin has a bit more of a back story to it that Canadians should be aware of.istock_000000980639medium








Enhancement with B Vitamins

Do you experience sugar cravings? Have you ever found the words ‘I am so tired’ roll off your tongue?  Those are just two examples of things that can indicate your body is low in B vitamins.







Ways to Make a Healthier Holiday Meal

Cutting back on calories over the holiday season can be tough.  The festivity season itself is not really the best time to be trying to lose weight. Rather, a good way to look at the holiday season (and shift your mentality), is to view it as a time of body weight maintenance.







Tasty Springtime Fruit IdeasiStock_000000980639Medium

One great excitement many of us have during springtime is the appearance of some most loved fruits.   Watermelon, plums, nectarines, cherries, hand picked berries and peaches, all remind me of kids eating them with passion as the fruit juices drip off their chin.







 The Truth About Sun DamageHappy couple riding bicycles outside, healthy lifestyle fun concept

Let’s face it. When the sun comes out in Canada – we celebrate, we stand outside opening our arms and gladly welcoming the warm against our long unforgiving winters.





Pumpkin Tid Bits for this Fall



Pumpkin Tid Bits for this Fall

Pumpkins will be in an endless supply this fall season. As such a low calorie vegetable (at 50 calories per mashed cup) and with no fat or cholesterol it is hard to turn it down.


Fighting Spring Allergies Naturally




Fighting Spring Allergies Naturally

More than one in every six Canadians suffers from seasonal allergies.


How to Tackle Summer 'Carnivals'



How To Tackle Summer ‘Carnivals’

Some people get so excited every summer for their city’s annual exhibition/stampede/carnival as their mouth begins to salivate, pondering the food indulgences.


Shaving Costs From Your Pocket Book



Shaving Costs From Your Pocket Book

As many people talk about how much they will spend on gifts this holiday season, we forget about another costly factor right in your kitchen.



Cup of green tea pouring close up shoot



Are You Getting Sick?

The Centres for Disease Control says the the average adult has about two to three colds per year, compared to younger children who get on average six to eight colds per year.