Turkey. Grill It More Often.

Think BBQ. Think Turkey this summer!

From burgers to kebabs, turkey is a delicious and nutritious way to get your grilling game sizzling. Whether you smoke it, grill it, sizzle it or sear it, it’s sure to be a crowd pleaser.

Turkey. Do it more often on the BBQ! Not sure how? Check out our turkey techniques and easy, flavourful recipes.

Turkey Techniques

Learn how to grill turkey like a pro.

Barbeque Methods Grilling Times
Barbeque on a Plank
BBQ a Whole Turkey that's moist, tender, delicious and nutritious

More Techniques and Variations

BBQ Turkey Burger Bliss

Skewer your weeknight boredom

Spice up your grill with turkey breasts

Legs That’ll have you longing for more

How Graham DeLaet Does It

simply scrumptious sausages

Turkey Wings and Drumettes. Don’t Just Wing it!

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