June is Turkey Month 2022

It’s official. June has once again been declared as turkey month here in Manitoba. For 28 years in a row, turkey month is a staple for Manitobans’. It’s a time to recognize turkey as more than just a thanksgiving dinner.

The 28th proclamation, issued this year by the Honourable Derek Johnson, Minister of Agriculture, is all about understanding that turkey is a year-round protein that is nutritious, versatile and totally delicious. It’s also a time when we recognize all of the hard-working turkey farm families here in Manitoba that provide Manitobans with the highest quality turkey that is found in Manitoba grocery stores.

Let’s Talk Turkey

We said it once and we will say it again – turkey is more than just your traditional October whole turkey dinner. While that traditional meal is always a highlight of fall for many Manitobans, turkey is a protein that can be enjoyed more than once a year – in countless different ways. That’s right – turkey is raised year-round in our beautiful province and isn’t just a whole bird that’s roasted in the oven – and this June, we can’t wait to show you how versatile Manitoba-raised turkey can be… and we guarantee you’ll be adding it to your weekly grocery list from now on.

Firstly, turkey can be found in a variety of cuts and in further processed products. Fresh cuts, such as a breast, thighs, wings, drumsticks and ground, are all readily available in your grocery store in the fresh meat section. All of which are perfect on your stove, in your slow cooker, inside your air-fryer or even outside on your grill:

  • Ground Turkey is perfect for your homemade burger patties
  • Turkey Breast sliced and skewered makes delish kabobs
  • Turkey Franks is a lean and healthy option to the classic hotdog
  • a couple of Turkey Drumsticks smothered in your favourite barbecue sauce is just… Mmmmm.

You can also find a variety of products that are made with turkey that we all enjoy from time to time. Some examples are frozen burger patties, pepperoni, a variety of flavoured sausages, ham and bacon. You can find dozens of recipes perfect for your grill here, or you can try one of our personal favourites. (the turkey bombs use ground turkey and turkey bacon and you most certainly won’t be disappointed with that recipe!)

Jalapeno Turkey Bombs Black Bean Turkey Burger Smokey Barbecued Turkey Strips
Recipe Recipe Recipe


If the deliciousness of some juicy and tender turkey on your grill doesn’t get you running to the grocery store to pick up some Manitoba-raised turkey, maybe this will. Turkey is a nutritional powerhouse! Yup, it’s chalked full of high-quality protein, loaded with immune-strengthening nutrients + it’s lean (low in fat). For example, each 100-gram serving of ground turkey has about 30 grams of high-quality protein and is considered extra lean with just 8.7 grams of fat. So, not only is turkey unbelievably easy to cook on your stovetop or grill on your barbecue, it’s delicious and nutritious.

Manitoba’s Turkey Farm Families

Manitoba is home to 51 farm families – all of which are proud to be raising turkeys for Manitoban and Canadian consumption. Each family has pride and takes great care to ensure the humane treatment of their turkeys while providing safe, high-quality food to consumers. But how do they do it? Here’s a quick look into what Manitoba’s turkey farmers do to ensure you have the highest quality of Manitoba-raised turkey on your plate, all year long:

  • Check on their turkeys multiple times a day to ensure they are comfortable, healthy and stress-free.
  • Raise their turkeys in temperature-controlled barns where they are free to roam in a clean, protected environment where all their nutritional and developmental needs are met.
  • Use computers and technology inside the barn to monitor feed, water and temperature to ensure maximum comfort for a stress-free environment.
  • Never use hormones or steroids on their birds.
  • Feed their turkeys with Canadian-grown grains and provide access to water 24/7 at the correct PH balance.

Want to meet one of our farmers? You can! Click on the videos below to be introduced to one of our Manitoba Turkey Farm Families!

Austin’s Family Run Turkey Farm Leroy’s Family Run Turkey Breeder Farm
Video Video


This June, enjoy some delish and nutritious turkey – grown from one of our proud farm families. Get grilling local turkey, Manitoba!