6 Recipes That are Perfect for Holiday Dinners of Any Size This Year

We may have smaller, virtual, or distant gatherings this year, but turkey can still help you celebrate the holidays in a memorable way and bring some joy to your table. If you’re going to roast a whole turkey this year as usual, be sure to plan for leftovers and check out our leftovers recipes for inspiration on how to make multiple meals from one Canadian turkey. If you want to opt for a different approach to the turkey dinner this year, we’ve gone ahead and put together a list of unique takes on the traditional turkey dinner that are perfect for gatherings of any size:


  1. Whiskey Apple Glazed Turkey Breast with Roasted Potatoes & Apples

They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away, and what better time to embrace that old adage than this holiday This recipe by Tanya Bates features a whiskey and apple glaze that creates a sweet-and-savory flavour profile and is a great sized dish for medium or smaller groups.


  1. Roasted Turkey Porchetta

This easy-to-make turkey recipe is perfect for intimate family gatherings. Michelle Wong’s “juicy, herbaceous and flavourful” Roasted Turkey Porchetta is rolled in a mixture of savory and flavourful herbs, and is the perfect the alternative to the traditional larger dinner.


  1. Spatchcock Lemon Rosemary Turkey

Spatchcocking a turkey reduces the cooking time and makes this protein perfect for the smoker. This recipe by Christal Sczebel is tasty and gives you the perfect excuse to huddle up next to the warm smoker this winter.


  1. Maple Soy Grilled Turkey Thighs

Behold this wonderful turkey thigh dish from Ashley Fehr that marries an oh-so-sweet Canadian fridge staple, maple syrupwith soy sauce. With a prep time of only 5 minutes and a cook time of 40 minutes, this is the perfect recipe for those looking for a quick and easy holiday dinner idea.


  1. Browned Butter, Orange & Thyme Marinated Turkey Breast

Brown butter flavours? Check. Thyme? Check. Orange to top it all off? Check. This recipe from Alaina Yvon-Moreau features all of winter’s must-have flavours, and only requires a minimal prep time of just 15 minutes.


  1. Turkey Roast with Caramelized Onion Gravy

Jazz up your traditional turkey roast by making a caramelized onion gravy from scratch to drizzle over top of it. Tenille Lafontaine created this to add a personal, homemade touch to a frozen, pre-stuffed turkey roast. We love how easy and creative this recipe is and you will, too!