3 Ways to Refresh Your Spring Menus

By Shannon Crocker MSC RD PHEc

3 Ways to Refresh Your Spring Menus

Spring has sprung (finally!). If you’re looking for some light, nourishing, and delicious dishes to replace those heartier winter comfort foods, I’ve got you covered.

Here are three ways to refresh your spring menus.


  1. Spring BBQ Meals

Grilled turkey breast is a super supper solution. Not only is turkey breast tops on the barbeque tastiness scale, but it’s also versatile; try it for burgers, kabobs, or grilled turkey steaks.

These two recipes would be fantastic for a simple Mother’s Day Dinner on the patio:

New to turkey cuts on the grill? The Canadian Turkey website has a whole section on scrumptious recipes for grilled turkey and a handy grilling guide for tips on barbecuing various turkey cuts.

Turkey talk: turkey breast is low in fat, and like all cuts of turkey, it’s nutrient-rich, with a whole lot of nutrients, such as vitamin B12 and zinc and iron, in every bite!


  1. Sensational Meal Salads

 Salads are a super way to get more veggie goodness into your day – and they can be a simple meal on a busy weeknight.

The key to longer lasting salad satisfaction is to add protein. Since turkey is lean yet packed with protein, it’s ideal for boosting the staying power of salads.

Try these oh-so-good salads that make a nourishing meal:

Healthy Meal Bonus: Both salads pair turkey with legumes and veggies. Beyond yumminess, the zinc and iron in the turkey helps you to absorb those same two minerals found in the plants on your plate.


  1. Quick Stir Fry Suppers

Stir-fries are a tasty way to use up those lonely veggies at the bottom of the crisper – which also helps you in reducing food waste (good for your wallet and the planet!)., It’s a healthy meal you can make quickly, so you can skip expensive take out or ready-to-go supermarket suppers.

Try these stir fry recipes that showcase turkey’s versatility: one uses turkey breast and the other uses ground turkey.

Netflix and Prep: I like to chop veggies while I’m watching my favourite show on Netflix. Win-win! Keeping veggies chopped and ready-to-go in the fridge will help you create scrumptious meal-sized salads in no time.


Happy Spring!